Our Name


So you're most likely wondering what the word 'Zawadi' means.
Allow us to enlighten your humble souls.
‘Zawadi’ is a Swahili word that means ‘gifts’, or ‘presents’.
And now you're probably thinking, why 'Zawadi Tours'?
Allow us to [again] enlighten your humble souls.

Because we believe that this earth is a gift to us from Allah. If we pay attention and have a closer look, we will realize that Allah has gifted us with glimpses of Jannah, right here on this earth. From some of the most breathtaking landscapes of the world, to the beautiful sunsets, the infusion of all the different cultures and languages of the world, to the different types of animals having a realm of their own- be it in the wild, or in the deepest of oceans. This world is filled with all of these gifts for us to appreciate, to explore, and proclaim the Greatness of its Creator.

Hence, ‘Zawadi Tours’- in our humble efforts to facilitate seeing more and more of this great gift we call “Little Jannah”.