Why Us

1. Because we’re awesome.
2. See reason #1.

Okay, on a serious note though, we understand what it’s like to have the excitement, thrill, nervousness, stress, and everything else that happens inside us when moving to a new country/city. We know how much guts it takes to take this new leap, stepping out of our comfort zones, leaving our family behind and not really knowing what to expect once we reach our destination- especially being a Muslim, and more so, being a Hijabi.

We also know how hard it is for Muslims to book holiday tours, stress-free. We don’t want to book a tour where some of the money is contributed towards purchasing alcoholic beverages as part of our welcome/farewell drinks for the tour. We don’t want to worry about whether the meals provided will be Halal or not. We don’t want any tour activities to clash with any prayer timings, nor do we want to worry about whether we will be sharing accommodation with the opposite gender or not. We know all of those concerns. We understand the Islamic etiquettes and culture. We respect it, and that is exactly why we are here- to facilitate all of your Muslim-friendly tours.